Shiseido 資生堂 閃亮育髮精華素 180ml

Shiseido 資生堂 閃亮育髮精華素 180ml

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閃亮育髮精華素 180ml



  • Adenovital is a high-quality hair growth care product born from cutting-edge bioscience and professional ideas.


  • The active ingredient penetrates and transmits a hair growth signal to the hair roots.


  • It promotes hair growth while preventing thinning and hair loss, and grows healthy and firm hair.


  • Recommended for those who like to prevent hair loss, who want to keep the hair of the volume. 

    How to use:

  • After washing your hair, wipe off the water well, or use it on your dry scalp.


  • Apply the tip of the nozzle directly to the scalp while spraying, and apply it with the pad of your finger.


  • By massaging when using, it promotes blood circulation and supports hair growth.