ERNO LASZ 新版 水療冰白面膜 28天套裝+送眼膜+眼罩

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水療冰白面膜 28天套裝


1. 將面膜粉與營養液混合並快速攪拌。
2. 將面膜直接塗於面上,敷約15至20分鐘。
3. 撕走面膜,再以爽膚水抹淨肌膚。

限量版:最暢銷的著名面膜,28天套裝。 我們的Hydra-Therapy皮膚活力護理面膜是大家的最愛。 再見乾枯的皮膚,你會瞬間得到滋潤。 這款混合活化雙相面膜可立即舒緩,滋潤和豐盈膚色。

它含有植物衍生的尿囊素,可減少細紋的出現,增強皮膚的自然光澤。 當您使用時,您會立即感覺到皮膚的冷卻。 每日使用,進行為期28天的緊緻肌膚再生。 您會感覺就像剛離開水療中心一樣。 適合夜間更生皮膚,經過漫長的一天,曬太陽或旅行後補充肌膚所需。


LIMITED EDITION: Our best-selling famous pink mask with 28 applications. Our Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment mask is a devotee favorite. Goodbye dry, hello instant moisture. This mix-to-activate, dual-phase mask works to instantly soothe, hydrate and plump the complexion. It contains botanically derived allantoin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and enhance skin’s natural radiance. As you apply, you will feel an instant cooling to the skin. Use daily for an intensive 28-day skin rejuvenation. You will look and feel like you just left the spa. Perfect to prep the skin for a night out, replenish after a long day, after sun or during travel.

    • Provitamin B5, a penetrating moisturizer, to deliver antioxidant support and bolster the healing processes as well as skin’s vital moisture barrier.
    • Comfrey root, a natural source of relief to sensitive or irritated skin, to sooth as it encourages skin repair and renewal.
    • Zinc extract to defy sun damage, and other pollutants, while calming skin with its naturally antiseptic powers.