HUDA BEAUTY Mercury Retrograde 眼影盤

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HUDA BEAUTYMercury Retrograde 眼影盤

這盤眼影盤分成四類眼影質地,MATTECREAMY METALLICSGLITTER INTENSESHEER MULTI-REFLECTIVE SHADOWS,大家可以依照當天的穿搭再選擇適合自己的眼影顏色和質地化成眼妝,加上總有18種眼影顏色,可以變化出許多種眼妝!


The carefully-curated palette is filled with easy-to-use combinations—from dusty coppers, rosy pinks, golden taupe tones with pops of purple and blue. The palette features a cosmic blend of whimsical fantasy like shades, balancing cool and warm tones to complement the best of the intergalactic world.

Featuring 9 buttery mattes, 6 high-shine creamy metallics saturated with electrifying pearls, 1 glitter powder charged with glass pearls and silver sparkles and 2 sheer multi-reflective shadows for a multidimensional glow.

How to use:

• Build your base with matte shadows

• Pick-up the metallic shades using a brush in small circular motions and apply on your lids for a metallic finish.

• Build an extra layer using your fingers or a sponge brush for an extreme foil effect

• Add some pop using the glitter powder

• Top up your look with the multi-reflective shadows for a pearlescent glow